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Wally M.- Addison, IL

We had wall to wall carpet for decades. We knew we had oak floors under it but didn't know what shape they were in and we decided to have them redone. We had 4 estimates, one higher and two lower than Dust Free.
First guy missed the appointment by over an hour, was the highest and didn't seem like he wanted the business.
Next guy wouldn't (or couldn't) explain the step by step process he was going to use, didn't know when he could start, and we had to move everything.
Last guy was a one man operation and he said he would have to rent special equipment to do the job and we would have to be out of the house for 2 weeks. Although his price was far lower than all the others, I don't think he knew what he was doing and this was probably his first job. Kinda felt sorry for him because we all have to start somewhere, but I didn't want to be his Guinea pig,
Dust Free was on time for the estimate, explained the entire process, would move the furniture to and from the garage, said it would take a week and he knew when he could start, measured everything because we also wanted new moldings as well.
They were on time every day. Carefully moved the furniture, pulled up the cat pissed carpet, cut it into small rolls that the trash pick-up guy's would take, hauled them to the curb. They had to remove millions of staples that held down the now pulverized padding, yanked up all of the carpet tack strips. After sanding and scrapping for 3 days they put down the first of 3 coats of finish. For that we had to be out of the house for 4-5 hours while it set up. After the last coat, the new moldings were installed and our stuff was moved back.
Total time for 4 rooms, 6 days.
Results. Way better than we could have hoped for. (See photo)
Summary. Well worth the price. No bait and switch. Any ups or extras that I needed or wanted were agreed to up front before the work was done. i.e. I needed to have some of the boards replaced. If there was any dust, I didn't notice it. No obnoxious smell either. Discount for cash.

Would I recommend them to others?  Yes!

Pete L.
We hired Dust Free Flooring, Inc., to install, sand and finish new wood flooring thru the entire house. With family, friends and a crazy schedule, we have little time to do major remodeling in our home. We trusted the company and the floors look great.!

Cynthia B - Forest Park, IL.
They were very efficient in getting us a printed quote the same day as they came by to look at the project. They were very accomodating on getting in there to finish the floors according to our schedule since we were in the middle of remodeling the entire upstairs of our house. They were true to their word that it would take 2 days, and the floors look great now! We even had a radiator that was difficult to manuever around and I was impressed with how far under the radiator they were able to go and not have to remove it. My husband and I were very pleased with their professionalism, the dust free aspect is Great!, and the price was right.

Betty-Bloomngdale, IL

I was very impressed and pleased with Dust Free Flooring. Robert and Eric were very professional and the service and quality of their work was top notch. Great work ethics: honest, reliable, hard working and truly made this a painless process for the homeowner.

Jerry F. of Mount Prospect, IL

Robert and his team did an amazing job on our hardwood floors. He provided the best pricing around and replacement of damaged wood was all included in his pricing - no additional fees for any new wood needed (unlike
competitor's bids we received).  More importantly, the work was of excellent quality provided by someone respectful, honest and considerate of our needs.  Work was completed ahead of schedule and all of our furnishings handled with care and put back in place when the job was completed.  Everyone who has seen our floors is amazed by their beauty and the quality of work / attention to detail. Thank you to Dust Free Flooring!

Joe H.- Lake Forest, IL

Pricing was competitive.  Work was punctual and the house was cleaner than before the floors were sanded. All work was done on time.

Wendy K.- Palatine, IL

Robert was very helpful in selecting stain color and finish (satin vs gloss). He was very professional, courteous, and prompt (on time). I was very pleased with his workmanship and there was not a speck of dust anywhere! He left the house very clean. I highly recommend Dust Free Flooring! The cost was very competitive and I feel the quality of the job was well worth the expense.

Mike J.-Chicago, IL 

Thank you Patty and Robert again for your work on my floors. They look great and the few people that have seen them are incredibly impressed.


Betsy S. -Bartlett, IL

Robert and Arich did a beautiful job on our floors.  We purchased a new home and the builder put a cheap varnish finish on the floors.  I tried to put a different finish on top and made a complete diseaster!  Robert to the rescue!  The floors turned out so nice, we would highly recommend them!  They were courteous, always on time, moved our furniture which was a big plus to us, and took great care with our furniture.  Two thumbs up for Robert and crew!


John C. of Wheaton, IL

Dust Free was professional and did three rooms in two days.  The floors look great.


Vadim D. of Lake Zurich, IL

Very good service.  It's really dust free floor refinishing.  I appreciate this business.